Ateliér světelného designu JAMU

The Light Design Studio is the youngest studio at DIFA JAMU and the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. His focus goes beyond dramatic art and touches on new media and architecture. Within the theater faculty, he is close to both audiovisual and stage design. It seeks to provide audiences with insight into all branches of lighting design (theater, opera, event, concerts, installations, architecture and exhibitions) and to keep up with the latest trends and developments in technology.

The curriculum seeks to balance theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as a balanced representation of technical and humanities. The technical ones include progamming of the desk, connectivity (a subject focusing on digital interconnection of various technologies) or creative video, humanities covering the fields of history, aesthetics and philosophy and presentation and communication skills (soft skills). Certain subjects are based on collaboration with other studios, especially at the studio of stage design, directing, dramaturgy and physical theater. A wide range of optional subjects enables students to study according to the individual interests of each student.

Besides regular lessons, the Light Design Studio organizes workshops and seminars with Czech and foreign practitioners and excursions to art, architecture and technology. The activities of the past two years include the workshop of architectural and exhibition lighting at the castle in Žďár nad Sázavou, the journey to the Prolight & Sound fair in Frankfurt, a study trip to Hellerau and an excursion to the Robe factory.
tudents are motivated to attend festivals and conferences. As part of their semester assignments, they collaborate on projects created at DIFA JAMU, become part of creative teams, gain valuable experience and contacts. The graduation project has the opportunity to compete in one of the school theaters (Studio Marta or the Orlí Theater). Often there is the possibility of cooperation beyond school projects, events or exhibitions. From the past years we can again mention the light design of the classical music concert at Petrov, the lighting of the exhibition of Josef Jankovič at the Olomouc Museum of Art or participation in the New Media Festival in Napajedla.

The recommended part of study is a study or work placement abroad within the Erasmus program. DIFA JAMU has an extensive network of partner institutions that regularly accept its students.

The Lighting Design graduate is a self-employed artist who controls a wide range of lighting and projection technologies and techniques he can apply creatively in and outside the theater environment.